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    Problems Setting Up a Bank Account
    Q: (Teacher at YE N Surrey Launch Event Oct 2015) Setting up the HSBC Bank account is still causing problems
    A: (Chris Burchill YE Manager N Surrey) Email the details to North@YoungEnterpriseSurrey.org.uk and the board will address urgently
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    YEOnline Web Address
    Q: (Teacher at YE N Surrey Launch Event Oct 2015) I forgot the YEOnline web address
    A: (Chris Burchill YE Manager N Surrey) This is the link. Please click on it then save it down to ‘Favourites’ in your browser https://yeonline.y-e.org.uk/
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    Domain Name Registration
    Q (Vidya Mishra, Business Adviser): My team are going to be doing their own e-commerce site for which they will be getting their domain name. The question they raised yesterday is who should the domain name be purchased under? Would it be under the company name or managing director and would they use the school address?
    A (John Alves, Chair YE N Surrey) It’s best to use company name and school address for the domain registration but it if its easier with an individual name and home address that would be OK